WestCoast Resorts – The Lodge at Englefield Bay

WestCoast Resorts – The Lodge at Englefield Bay
Silver Certified
Tucked away at the foot of a breathtaking mountain scape where the water is as still as glass, Englefield Bay is known for its abundance of migrating salmon. Don’t let its quiet and intimate atmosphere lull you to sleep, Englefield’s plentiful chinook, coho, halibut and lingcod species will keep you fully engaged. Located in a culturally significant location to the Haida people, Englefield allows you to create lasting memories (and fish tales) with colleagues or friends during your daily dawn-to-dusk adventures, either fully guided all day or instructed half day, and over gourmet meals and wine in the evenings in its newly renovated lounge and rooms.

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The Lodge at Englefield Bay

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