Echo Valley Ranch is a high quality ranch with a range of activities and experiences specializing in Thai health treatments and an outdoor wilderness experience. Food and drink are supplied with consideration of personal health and local and organic seasonal products as well as a range of outdoor activities from horse treks, gold panning and nature walks. The business has invested in geothermal ground source heat pumps and a spring fed supply as well as relations with First Nations and local artists and craftsmen to provide a unique experience with a Thai twist. Essential oils and relaxation treatments help provide a world class tourism experience worthy of its Four Stars and Green Tourism GOLD award.

With a Tesla charging station on its way and resident First Nation artist Michael Blackstock on board, there is a continual movement at Echo Valley.

Since receiving their Gold award in 2015, Echo Valley has continued to progress along the green business path. This year they had three electric charging stations installed, two Tesla Superchargers and one Clipper Creek Universal charging station. Now guests can relax and “unplug”, while their car is plugged in.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Echo Valley Ranch and Spa

Their latest project has them working on supplier screening for green cleaning products. They are searching for a BC manufacture that supplies all cleaning products in bulk, reducing shipping and packaging. This will help them meet their goal to reduce waste and contribute to a reduction in their external carbon footprint.

They are also building new recycling centres for to help sort beverage containers,  mixed recycling, compost and waste, to make our efforts at recycling more visible and accessible to guests.

They have updated a few of their policies and procedures to ensure staff are following protocol that reduces energy consumption (such as only turning the bedside light on once guests are being checked in, rather than it staying on all day). These little changes may not seem like much but added up over the season and there can be a significant savings without compromising guest experience.

Their focus moving into 2017 will be to improve energy efficiency and water conservation further, and continue to focus on locally grown and raised foods to provide a high quality experience with a reduced environmental impact.