Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is one of the top attractions in Vancouver. It also offers a professional special event planning team and a variety of unique venues accommodating groups of 30 to 700 for social gatherings and corporate functions. Sustainability has always been top of mind for this environmental attraction, with a strong focus on ecological conservation and education.

“Working on sustainability has been a part of our business model for decades.  We try to incorporate it into every aspect of our business.  But most of the things we do are large scale (e.g. sustainable construction of the attraction, LED lighting, environmental education).  Something we needed help with were the little things.

The most valuable thing we pulled from our assessment was the suggestions of things that we could do.  Small things like wrapping pipes or doing a garbage audit were taken into account and added to our list of projects.  We will continue to do our large scale projects but we can now add in the smaller details to make a full picture of environmental sustainability.

We are proud to receive such a high rating and appreciate the exposure on the Green Tourism website.  We now have a much better vision of what we can do in the future to not only continue to improve, but also to continue to support the things we already do. We are doing renovations on our parking lots, and we’ve incorporated more green spaces and better drainage into our plans.  We had an environmental study done on our pond system by a local university student and we have plans for the springtime to add more native plants to our aquatic system.  We have an extensive list of smaller projects that we will be implementing in the coming months and years.”