An Okanagan pioneer in the green business community, Best Western Kelowna owner, Greg Salloum, began making changes to the way his hotel did business in the 1990s. Laying the eco-conscious ground work as the first Kelowna hotel to have in-room blue recycling boxes, the Best Western Kelowna continues to implement sustainable programs and green initiatives, transforming the hotel industry across the province.

Best Western Kelowna is a leader in sustainability. The hotel’s team were looking for another way to effectively demonstrate to their guests that when they chose to stay at the Best Western Kelowna Plus Hotel & Suites, they are staying at an environmentally sustainable hotel.

By becoming a Green Tourism member, the Best Western Kelowna underwent a thorough third-party evaluation process. While the hotel and team had already made significant changes to the building, processes and equipment to strive for better sustainability, having an outside, expert perspective provided by the Green Tourism Canada assessor went a long way in identifying more opportunities for continued growth now, and into the future.

Such as:

  • Provide more information to guests on carbon free activities
  • Promote more carpooling amongst staff
  • Upgrade bike rack
  • Plant a tree for memorial events
  • Tell their compelling green story to guests in a variety of ways
  • Use solar photo voltaic array

Having earned Gold Certification through Green Tourism Canada means that the owner Greg, his team, and the Best Western Kelowna PLUS Hotel & Suites can confidently tell their guests that yes, they are eco-friendly; and that the hotel continues to strive to be at the forefront of eco-tourism. “Green Tourism Canada’s Gold Certification is a moving target,” says Greg. “Just because we received the award this year, doesn’t mean we are guaranteed to get it next time we’re assessed. So my team and I have to keep moving forward to get our gold.”