Steps to Joining Green Tourism Canada

  1. Reach out to us for a Free Consult to learn more, or Join Now by selecting your business size below and paying your annual fee.
  2. Once you’ve joined, we’ll send you a welcome package with information on how to prepare for your assessment.
  3. We’ll schedule your assessment with a Green Tourism Assessor, which takes 2-6 hours depending on the size of your organization.
  4. After evidence requested during your assessment is received, we’ll finalize and send your report, score card and action plan.
  5. We’ll mail your Green Tourism window decal, certificate, and outdoor aluminum sign for Bronze, Silver and Gold members, and email your Green Tourism logo for your promotional materials, website, etc.
  6. Green Tourism Certified members receive an assessment every two years in order to maintain your award level.


Membership fees for accommodation providers are based on the number of rooms. All other tourism businesses and organizations are based upon the number of full time equivalent employees (FTEs). Choose your size below. 
Rooms 1-10 11-20 21-150 151-300 300+
FTE’s* 1-5 6-25 26-75 76-100 100+
Price $500 /yr $800 /yr $1,200 /yr $1,800 /yr $2,400 /yr
Join Now Join Now Join Now Join Now Join Now

*FTE is full-time equivalent employees (i.e.someone that works six months per year is .5 or someone who works three months a year is .25).

Key Benefits for Green Tourism Certified Businesses

  • Throughout your membership we’ll provide advice, tips and support to help you on your sustainability journey, and help you to get your green message out to the world.
  • A custom blog post featuring your content, photos, and greatest green initiatives, that you can use on your social media, website, etc. Marketing value of $500.
  • Searchable listing on the Green Tourism website, which includes a photograph, description, contact details and a backlink to your website, valuable for SEO and your Google ranking. Marketing value of $500.
  • Promotion of the program and our members through social media, press releases and editorials at the regional, provincial, national and international level.
  • A summary of your top achievements, which can be used to tell your green story in your marketing efforts.
  • Regular tips and guidance on how to further your sustainability performance.
  • Access to your assessor and our consulting team for questions, referrals and general advice.