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What makes Green Tourism Canada different from other green certification programs?

Great question! We get asked this a lot. Here are some of the key things that set us apart, and below is a matrix for a quick comparison:

  1. You don’t get to mark your own test. While you can access the Green Tourism Canada checklist before you undergo your assessment, unlike other programs that allow businesses to grade themselves, every single business that is certified with Green Tourism Canada has received a third party assessment.
  2. Our assessors are more than auditors. We employ sustainability experts who have multiple green certifications and who have completed hundreds of sustainability assessments. They help our customers with guidance and advice about how to improve environmental performance, improve customer experiences with your green business programs, attract more guests, and save money on operating costs primarily though energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction.
  3. We’re not limited to hotels. The Green Tourism Canada program assesses all types of businesses, including green wineries, green tourist attractions, green adventure travel companies, green restaurants, and more. This means that travellers can see the Green Tourism brand everywhere, which makes it more recognizable and trusted.

Green Tourism Certification Comparison Matrix

This table compares Green Tourism vs Green Key
Program FeaturesGreen TourismGreen Key
Use of green seal/logo for marketing purposesYesYes
International programYesYes
Green meetings certification included in priceYesNo, extra fee.
Third party program*YesNo, second party program.
Every business receives a one-on-one assessmentYesNo
Available to all types of tourism businessesYesNo, limited to hotels.
Validated by the International Centre for Responsible TourismYesNo
Exceed Global Sustainable Tourism Council CriteriaYesNo

* A third-party assessment means that the party doing the assessment is independent from the organization that created the criteria or standards that are being measured.

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