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  • Russell Markel, Owner and Captain

    Green Tourism is very welcoming and has a lot of credibility. I had a lot of information and ideas floating around in my brain, and the assessment process helped me to put together all my policies and get everything and everyone on board....

    Russell Markel,
    Owner and Captain

    Gold Certified
  • Jamie Boulding, Owner

    Being part of Green Tourism has helped us to stay competitive. We offer a true, off-grid experience and with the growing competition, this certification gives us a competitive advantage....

    Jamie Boulding,

    Gold Certified
  • Anette Engel, Co-Owner

    We joined Green Tourism because we believe that tourism is a strong political and socio-economic advocate for the protection of our natural treasures. Green Tourism offers us support and external feedback to reduce our ecological footprint....

    Anette Engel,

    Silver Certified
  • Outer Shores Expeditions
  • Strathcona Park Lodge & Outdoor Education Centre
  • Maple Leaf Spirits Inc.

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